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Shaving, or any kind of hair removal DOES NOT make the hair grow back thicker or darker. The thicker darker thing is a BIG Myth.

In fact, waxing tricks the hair follicles into growing back finer, and less dense. It does this because each hair is one of the three stages of hair follicle life. What waxing does over time, is it gets all of the hair in the area waxed on the same cycle, so after each treatment you will see less hair because when all the follicles are on the same schedule your hair is less dense.

The other benefit of waxing is the individual hair is less coarse, and this is caused by the removal of the hair bulb (root) at every waxing. Hairs work like trees, when an old hair falls out the root remains, and as the new hair grows it covers over the bulb making it thicker. After waxing when the new hair grows it has to reform the root totally, thus it is thinner. This also elevates most or all ingrown hairs.

So waxing has obvious benefits.

Rates for Hair Removal Services:

bullet Brow Waxing & Shaping - $12
bullet Chin Waxing - $8
bullet Lip Waxing - $8
bullet Brow - Lip - chin waxing - $18
bullet Underarm Waxing - $25
bullet Lower Arm Waxing - $17
bullet Full Arm & Hand Waxing - $28
bullet Lower Leg Waxing - $25
bullet Full Leg Waxing - $40
bullet Bikini Waxing- $28
bullet Full Legs with Bikini Waxing - $59
bullet Back or Chest Waxing - $45
bullet Feet & Toes - $12

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